Basic Nurse Assistant (CNA)
Clinical Laboratory Assistant
Computer Technology (for Healthcare)
Dialysis Technician
Electrocardiogram Technician (EKG/ECG)
Medical Billing and Coding
Medical Clinical Assistant with and without BNA
Mental Health Worker/Psychiatric Aide
Occupational Therapy Aide  
Pharmacy Technician
Phlebotomy Technician
Physical Therapy Aide
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Basic Nurse Assistant (CNA) The Basic Nurse Assistants program is required for those seeking an RN or LPN career and is often a prerequisite leading to advancement in several other medical careers.
Clinical Laboratory Assistant/Phlebotomist Clinical Laboratory Assistants/Phlebotomists are responsible for collecting blood samples and for providing instructions to patients on how to collect samples of various body fluids for specific tests ordered by the physician.
Computer Technology (for Healthcare) Because we live in a computerized society, basic knowledge of computer terminology is essential in paving the way to both personal and professional advancement. The Computer Technology Program will equip students with valuable skills needed to complete essential tasks in an entry level position.
Dialysis Technician Dialysis Technicians operate kidney dialysis machines, which filter normal waste products and excess fluids from the blood of patients whose kidneys no longer perform this function.
Electrocardiogram Technician (EKG/ECG) Electrocardiogram Technicians perform essential diagnostics in establishing the health and function of the cardiovascular system.
Medical Billing & Coding Specialist Medical Billing and Coding Specialists play a vital role in every phase of the healthcare industry. These specialists assign standardized alphanumeric codes to specific illnesses, injuries and medical procedures.
Medical Clinical Assistant with and without BNA Medical Clinical Assistant Physicians rely on Medical Clinical Assistants for their office skills as well as their medical training to assist in nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, home health agencies, physician offices and other health care facilities. This course has both a clinical and theoretical component.
Mental Health Worker/Psychiatric Aide Mental Health Workers/Psychiatric Aides care for the mentally ill, disabled, or sick patients confined to hospitals, mental health facilities, and residential care facilities.
Occupational Therapy Aide Occupational aides work under the direction of occupational therapists.  
Pharmacy Technician Pharmacy Technicians main function is filling prescriptions according to the physicians' orders. They work with drugs administered orally, topically, or in the eyes or nose.
Phlebotomy Technician The word Phlebotomist or Phlebotomy Technician is applied to a person trained in diverse techniques to obtain blood for analytic purposes, monitor set treatments, and remove blood for transfusions at a donor center as well as for healing purposes.
Physical Therapy Aide Physical therapy is concerned with the improvement of functional abilities in persons with limitations due to pain, disease, or injury. Physical therapy aides work in hospitals, physical therapy facilities, nursing homes, physician offices, home health care services or outpatient care centers.
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